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Kershaw Pocket Knife

The reason I love white elephant gift exchanges around the holidays, is because it is a tradition my family has participated in for many years. At our family holiday party each year, everyone brings a present that is $35 or less. Each gift is opened by a member of the family and can be stolen by other family members up to two times. I received the Kershaw Pocket Knife at our 2009 holiday party at my parent's house, after utilizing the final steal in our last round of swaps. It was a highly sought after item, and I was so happy to be walking away with it. Everything about this pocket knife is great - the size, weight, and blade-style make it a perfect EveryDay Carry item; and while I have a lot of knives in my collection, the Kershaw Pocket Knife is easily the best knife in it's price point, and it will be a staple in my EDC collection for many years to come. 


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